[sticky post]OHAYO CON 2013 PHOTOSHOOTS
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$15 (up to 2 people) + $5 each additional person
30 minute shoot on location;
Full resolution, watermarked images are posted on my Flickr Pro page, and select post edited pictures could go up on my Facebook or DeviantArt page.

After the photo shoot I will give you my business card, so after the con is over, you can email me if you would like me to send you the full resolution copies. I can provide pre- and post- edited pictures (though all will have a small atermark in one corner).

Payment required upfront. 
Tips are appreciated.

Email me, or message me here, if you are interested.




1:00 PM

3:00 PM


1:00 PM

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 Ooooh, pretty new LJ layouts.


Anime Central!

Teaser pics!


Oh yea, C2E2


Here's some pics from C2E2 :3 




More can be found: www.facebook.com/JoltPhotography


And here's a few of ME! :3 In my newest costume!


Credit of Fantastic Four pictures - Marvel.com

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Too much to do! So much to write!!

Expect an entry AFTER Anime Central, with life updates and new costumes! :D

Whats going on?
Happy Mardi Gras everyone! (well, its current, lol)

I had so much fun at Ohayo con this year, though I was rushing around with all the photoshoots I had booked. Always a learning experience. :D
So I only just added my highlight photos from Ohayocon. I had a great time working again at our photo booth, with the rest of The Enthusiasts.

But so Mike and I are still in New Jersey, and I'm still job searching. I have had an interview at Sears: Portrait Studio. The interview went well, its just me or this other girl, and the manager just strait up told me she prefers me. I have open availability, and that puts me a step ahead. Just need to go do the drug test.

The only thing that could ruin me with this- is if what wrong with my car, which hasn't worked since early January, isn't the alternator. Mike and I are going to take in the alternator, and hopefully thats whats dead, and replace that this weekend.

I've gotten a few commission requests from a few friends for costumes for ACen, need to figure out prices for those. I also just received payment for a commission for mid April, which I will be buying supplies for this weekend and then working on the bulk of that once I'm back from...

Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo!  ...is coming up in 7 days. I've gotten majority of my Invisible Woman costume done! Some dilemmas with a zipper- need to buy a longer one, one of my errands this weekend. I have had "such a fun time" with my first experience making gloves, LOL. I've avoided it till now. But only because since I'm making my whole unitard, might as well be able to say I made it all! :D

With The Enthusiasts,  Nick's plan for me is to switch between practicing booth photos, hallway photos and assisting him with Step & Turn photos. Which is photographing con-goers/guests, really anyone in a red carpet style against a wall with C2E2's advertisers names on it.
Such fun, and we'll be busy busy busy!

Come to C2E2 and see us. Its March 18-20, 2011. I n Chicago at the McCormick Place!!

So with all this going on, and being The Enthusiasts Booking Assistant I've been keeping busy. But with my sleep schedule messed up, and allergies almost killing me every night I tend to stay up much later than I know I should.
So with these empty hours I find myself checking all my online accounts- seeing what I can update (hence this UBER entry, LOL), and find myself going to photoshop and messing around :)

Oh and with all this going on, a week ago Mike reminded me of my BIRTHDAY!
I turn 22 on the 26th! XD
I don't know what I'll do, if I will. I say! Just come to C2E2 and party with me!

OR I will actually be staying at my parents for three days after C2E2 to spend some time with them, since they gave me my plane ticket for a birthday present (by my request) Come see me!! In IL from March 17th to the 23rd!! :)

(also posted on DevA account: http://jessicajolt.deviantart.com/ )

Finally went to the Doctor
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Went to see a doctor yesterday.
And you know- since I have insurance I can obviously do as many tests as I please.

But any way. I've been suffering for fairly severe allergies for two months now (since mid October)- I finally did it and made the trip.

But so she gave me: a perscription nasal spray and steroids, and OTC Clartin D.
ALSO gave me the the perscription paper, one to go get an xray of my sinuses just in case theres any damage.
And a second- to get basic allergy tests and blood work up.

I'm taking the Claratin and the spray- and hoping to improve on that.
If I feel its nessicary, I'll take the 6 days of steroids.

And then if I don't kick this... I'm going to discuss the xray and work up with my parents and decide what to do from there.

Well, thats a fair update of my recent health.

CAN'T WAIT FOR MY PARTY when I come home this Friday!! See all my family!


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So many people are telling me to go to Colossalcon!!
I have a badge and room set. WHO wants to help me GET THERE!?

2011 Convention schedule (tentative)
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Costume plans for each con will come later; as an update.


Most of these cons are DEFINITELY happening. A few are "going to be doing all I can" to get to.

East coast cons will also rely on my still living in NJ through next year.


*Not sure ATM- but WILL try!


Ohayo con (Jan 28-30)

C2E2 (March 18-20)

Anime Boston (April 22-24)*

Anime Central (May 20-22)

Anime North (May 28-30)*

Colossal Con (June 3-6) *

AnimeNext (June 10-12)

Otakon (July 29-31)*

Dragon Con (Sept 2-5)*

Wizard  World New England (Sept 17-18)*

Wizard World Big Apple Comic Con (Sept 24-25) 

NYCC/NYAF (Oct 14-16)

Youma Con (Nov 4-6)

Kollision Con (TBA) 


WW New Jersey (TBA)


Hope to add any of the Wizard World cons that The Enthusiasts might call me for! :)

Writer's Block: Wintertime is here
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How do you feel about the winter holidays? Has your opinion changed over the years?


I kind of wish it could snow without the weather being cold :p

love snow.

But I'm more of a summer person XD

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